Postmarked - The Movie

BIG DEBUT ONLINE 2/2! Over half of all proceeds ALWAYS go to ALS Research!

Chris LaMont is a multi-award winning independent writer, director and producer.  He is the Founder and President of the Phoenix Film Festival and has taught film production and analysis at the ASU School of Film, Dance and Theatre for the past twelve years.
Chris graduated Magna Cum Laude from Arizona State University and after graduating  co-wrote and directed Film Club, a parody of Fight Club that was an internet sensation, sold into distribution and DVD, and featured on CNN Headline News and on the home page of 
The feature films that he has directed and/or produced include:  The Best Movie Ever Made, Writer’s Block, 14 Days in America, Netherbeast Incorporated, My Apocalypse, The Graves and Justice Served.  
In 2000, he started the Phoenix Film Festival, which has grown to be the largest film festival in Arizona, and is a Best of Phoenix winner from both the Arizona Republic/AZ Central and the New Times.  It was named one of the 25 Film Festivals in the Country by Moviemaker magazine.  

Chris LaMont - Producer/Asst. Director

A Valley actor for over 25 years, Gene has been working both sides of the camera for over a decade. He is an award winning actor, videographer and sound designer, and has over 500 commercials/films/industrial jobs to his credit. He produces video for non-profit organizations, small businesses and others. Directing his first feature film, Postmarked, is not a job - Gene is not in the budget. This is an opportunity for some great experience for a great cause to help tell Ron's story, and a chance to offer internship experience for some of his students at Arizona State University. Gene teaches acting and production, and is grateful for the chance to work with a wonderful cast and crew on Postmarked. 

Gene Ganssle - Producer/Director

Ron Hunting - Playwright

An award-winning actor, director, producer and designer, Ron Hunting has well over one hundred fifty theatrical credits ranging from writer to actor; stage management to director; artistic designer to producer. Among his writing credits is the history-based, Remembering America, as well as, Kennedy, the award-winning play based on the life of our 35th President. Ron was co-founder of The Algonquin Theater Company from 1999 to 2011. In February of the latter year, he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a rare progressive degenerative fatal disease affecting the motor neurons, and characterized especially by increasing and spreading muscular weakness and atrophy. It has been in existence long before it took the name, Lou Gehrig’s Disease; and yet, there is still no cure. Even more amazingly, there is yet to be any significant treatment. Since his diagnosis, Ron has devoted more time to what he likes best: the writing of plays. He is also a member of the ALS Association, and is an active participant in research studies toward the treatment and cure of ALS at Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix. Ron is a proud member of the Arizona Centennial Foundation where he has served on the board of directors. In 2013, he was recognized for his many years of exemplary service to the art of theatre upon receiving the Arizoni’s Award of Excellence for Outstanding Contribution. Ron resides in Peoria, AZ, with his loving and devoted wife and caregiver, Athena.