After a premiere, festival screenings and a DVD party for our supporters, we are NOW taking orders for DVD and Blu Ray copies of the film! Please use the secure Buy Now button at right, which includes U.S. shipping.  We could use your support by doing 3 small things:

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3. Order a Blu Ray or DVD! It's a keepsake for a good cause.

More details on our adventure coming SOON!

Gene visits with Ron Hunting last summer

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Postmarked NOW Available to Order!

Check out our trailer! Postmarked donates over half of all proceeds to ALS Research!

Postmarked - The Movie

Postmarked Headlines at Filmstock!  

In addition to our World Premiere as a showcase film at the Phoenix Film Festival, Postmarked screened as the first feature at The Filmstock Film Festival last December at the Harkins Valley Art in Tempe.

Best of all, James Lee and the generous folks with Filmstock donated over $400 of Festival proceeds directly to Ron & Athena Hunting's charity, Barrow Neurological Foundation, to support ALS research! We welcome continued assistance of any amount to help us get Postmarked  distributed THIS YEAR - click our contribute button at left! Half of all our proceeds go to the same charity!

Cast members autograph posters at the premiere